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Spring Newsletter

Look out for Measles!

There is an outbreak of measles in the UK currently.

What is measles:

Measles can affect anyone but is most common in children. Measles infects the respiratory tract and then spreads throughout the body. Symptoms include a high fever, cough, runny nose and a rash all over the body.


Being vaccinated is the best way to prevent getting sick with measles or spreading it to other people.


The NHS App offers a lot. You can have a consultation with a doctor without needing to call us. The same service allows you to request repeat medication as well. You can also view your medical records.

For more information visit:

Wound Care

Wound care has returned to primary care. We now offer stiches removal, dressings etc.

Do you have hay fever?

The symptoms of hay fever include: Itchy eyes ,Itchy throat , Runny nose

There are some ways to relieve the symptoms, which include:

1. Smearing a small amount of Vaseline in-side both nostrils.

2. Shutting windows when sleeping and/or driving.

3. Vacuuming/dusting around the house regularly with a wet cloth.

4. Washing your hair regularly.

5. Getting plenty of sleep every night.

It is also possible to visit your local pharmacy for over-the-counter medications e.g. antihistamines.